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flute person


Posted on 2006.07.07 at 21:10
Current Mood: calmcalm
Current Music: Joy Division-She's Lost Control
a better battle of the bands
Radiohead or Smashing Pumpkins:Radiohead! I love britpop!!
Queen or Pink Floyd:oh god i love them both
Led Zeppelin or Black Sabbath:led zeppelin
Aerosmith or The Who:i grew up with aerosmith
Rancid or Op Ivy:neither
Nirvana or Soundgarden:Nirvana
Rage Against the Machine or Audioslave:Audioslave
Slayer or Slipknot:no thanks
Godsmack or System of a down:system
The Sex Pistols or the clash:The clash
Guns and Roses or AC/DC:not a big fan of either...i guess AC/DC
Nofx or MxPx:no
The Used or the distillers:the used!
Sublime or No Doubt:umm...theyre both ok ..but only the old no doubt stuff
Flogging Molly or the dropkick murphys:dropkick murphys i suppose
The Strokes or The Vines:The Strokes
The White Stripes or The Hives:White stripes
Anti - Flag or Blackflag:nah
Eric Clapton or Jeff Beck:never herad of the second guy
Reivs or smile empty soul:i dont care
Red Hot Chili Peppers or Incubus:Incubus
Pennywise or Bad Religion:never heard pennywise
Cake or Greenday:Green day
HIM or AFI:definately AFI!
Clutch or Cold:who?
Bush or 30 seconds to mars:hehe 30 seconds to mars
Rush or The Allman Brothers Band:Rush
Phish or U2:U2
Billy Talent or the Descendents:Billy Talent..never heard of the other tho
the slackers or CKY:eh
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You've been totally Bzoink*d

What is your stand on.....
Abortion?:NOTHING to do with the government!! pro-choice all the way.
Death Penalty?:in VERY extreme cases i could be persuaded. generally i'm against it, but it all depends on the individual circumstances.
Prostitution?:gross and degrading. makes me sad. just don't do it.
Alcohol?:do whatever the hell you want just dont rape or injure anyone in the process. personally, i don't see the appeal of getting drunk.
Marijuana?:kids are gonna do it anyway, and if it's illegal that just makes it all the more tempting.
Other drugs?:what, like cocaine? there's definately a good reason shit like that is illegal.
Gay marriage?:absolutely PRO. yet again, nothing to do with the government for starters. the whole debate makes me so mad. rediculous.
Illegal immigrants?:this debate also sickens me. immigrants are people too. suck it up.
Smoking?:it's gross. but hey, it's your body.
Drunk driving?:very very bad and STUPID. i hate stupid people.
Cloning?:creepy. i don't see the point unless you're cloning organs to donate.
Racism?:is this really still an issue? of course it is! i hate that it is.
Premarital sex?:sure why not? just use a condom, buddy.
Religion?:if you want to be religious that's fine. just don't go imposing that onto other people, or onto national LAWS. can we say "separation of church and state"?
The war in Iraq?:oh dear. bad, bad idea. i'm not too keen on war in general to say the least, but this just takes it one step further.
Bush?:is it 2008 yet??? what an ass.
Downloading music?:do it all the time. like right now.
The legal drinking age?:well obviously college kids are drinking it up...i wouldn't be offended if they made it 18 like the rest of the world.
Porn?:a little porn never hurt anyone...that i know of.
Suicide?:well i dont think it's a "sin" or anything like that, but that's probably because i'm an atheist. well, it makes me sad and i'd say it's often preventable. good ol' ECT!
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You've been totally Bzoink*d

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